Perfectly Imperfect

I suffer from this. I am guilty of often investing too much time to make something “perfect”. I remember the president of a company that had acquired mine years back who was known to often say, “don’t let perfect be the enemy of good”. I used to think, “yes, but our clients pay us substantial sums to be [...]

Harnessing Change

Have you ever worked in a company that seemed to change of the sake of change? Maybe they are continually and overly influenced by the latest article in Harvard Business Review such that every month brings with it a new strategy, vision or focus? I find that all too often the goal is to simply create change in [...]

Why can’t Strategy be Inspiring?

I don't mean to be abstract, but I wonder sometimes if lack of engagement with (or even awareness of) Corporate Strategy has something to do with our delivery and positioning, and much less with the message itself. Vitruvius' three principles of firmitatis utilitatis venustatis, from his semenal work De Architectura, roughly translates as durability (it should be robust), utility [...]

It’s all about Strategy Execution

If there is one thing missing from so many otherwise great organizations I’ve worked with, it is strategy execution. Many managers understand that a strategy is essential for success over the long-run, but surprisingly few are capable of mapping that to operational terms meaningful to the rest of the organization.Robert Kaplan (co-creator of the Balanced Scorecard) suggests that [...]

Making VIPs of the Rejected

I love simple ideas that seem so obvious after-the-fact, but have real and immediate impact to business problems. This was one of those solutions and the problem is fairly common, even outside of this industry. We’ve all experienced it. You show up at 7pm at a restaurant that you have your heart set on only [...]

Clarity from Complexity

I just met with a former colleague who explained that one of objectives of his role was in simplifying the complex. We explored that concept a little further and agreed that sometimes simplicity is not really the desired outcome. In fact, some organizations are just plain complex. How do you distil the manufacturing processes of [...]