Professionally, Jame Healy is Managing Director and Senior Advisor at Alescent (www.Alescent.com) providing the means to understand complex markets, organizations, and opportunities in terms of economic models to support strategic and operational planning and execution.

With an academic background that includes finance, economics and management strategy Jame has had the opportunity to work with top academics in the development of various practical management models, including the Aligned Capabilities Model, the Connected Business Model, the Capabilities Development Framework and various versions of Balanced Scorecard Methodology.

Jame serves on the National Board of Directors for the Canadian Association of Management Consultants, and is the chair and President of the BC Institute. He is also active with the Association of Finance Professionals, the Institute of Corporate Directors, and provides economic insight and analysis to various boards of trade, chambers or commerce, and other thinktanks.

More personally, Jame is married to the love of his life, Jessica, and has two beautiful children. He is involved in various social and faith-related organizations, particularly mentoring high-school to college-aged young adults through their home church as well as serving on the Canadian Board of Directors for Food for the Hungry (www.fh.org).

He continues to be involved in various mentorship programs, including the Vancouver Board of Trade “Leaders of Tomorrow” Program, the Sauder Mentorship Program, and the TWU School of Business Mentor Program, and also is often involved in Junior Achievement, Case Competition Judging for JDC West, and the National Strategy Consulting Competition.

Jame is an avid follower of emerging technology, most specifically on the convergence of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science with practical social and economic interests, such as improved healthcare outcomes, public safety and security, and poverty and , and can be found on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn,YouTube and other social media platforms (typically just under the name “jamehealy”)… though he spends more time “listening” than talking in each. Just don’t ask him to try to figure out Snapchat!

Jame continues to serve as a strategic advisor and board member for several early-stage and high-growth companies and not-for-profit organizations.