All Businesses are Services Businesses

A business is simply a collection of related services that together produce and deliver value. Even within manufacturing, energy, agriculture and other resource-based organizations, it is the effective management of services that distinguishes the good from the great. All the more so with organizations that are squarely part of the service sector.

What do you think? Do you agree? Are businesses necessarily in the business of service?

Let me know.

2 thoughts on “All Businesses are Services Businesses

  1. Absolutely on the spot. No matter what your product may be, you are providing a service. And if the same product is offered by two suppliers, who do you think I’ll buy from? The one with the better service.

    1. Thanks Don.

      Though ‘customer service’ is certainly included, I’m also referring to the ‘service’ of Reasearch & Development, the ‘service’ of Product Development, the ‘service’ of Crop Harvesting as specific examples.

      Each an example of how specific and core functions within the ‘non-services’ business are in fact services. That is, they each have a specific service provider, consumer, added value and process.

      So in this sense, even a manufacturer or farm is a service business insofar as it is simply a collection of services, that collectively produce a product or a crop yield.

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